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“Data QA has played a pivotal role in testing truly bespoke complex business rules” - Jeremy Walker, Data Quality Consultant, Phusis Ltd.

“BDQ has made a seemingly difficult problem very easy... it has been a real success story”  -  Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK


•  DataQATM- BDQ announce release of its new data Quality     Assurance product, with drag and drop, customizable QA tests


•  BDQ sign agreement with Riversand to resell MDMCenter


•  Lloyds of London choose BDQ for data profiling

•  Test data feeds, files and databases against business and regulatory requirements

•  Quality Assure data using a consistent, unified framework

•  Validate data feeds and generate detailed exception reports

•  De-risk data migration/integration projects

•  Safeguard confidence in BI reporting for management decisions

Testing data for problems in an SAP data migration - customer experience:

“I have been using Data QA to create thorough data quality reports as part of a migration for an international FMCG client within an SAP environment. These reports show how much data does not comply with business and application rules, thus allowing the project management to understand risk, and scope cleansing efforts.

The software features an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows quick and easy creation of rules - all of which are fully customisable where tweaks are required to suit the particular scenario. The approach is very agile, allowing the user to add a large number of rules and generate a comprehensive report very quickly, also allowing data to be quickly re-tested as required.

Data QA has played a pivotal role in testing truly bespoke complex business rules as the nature of the product allows the user to test virtually anything. BDQ made themselves available to guide me through the creation of the first few complex rules, which I have since been able to do myself within the tool.

The output of the tests comes in a very clear format - showing the business exactly what needs to be changed and why, making the reports extremely powerful for the people who need to correct the data.”

Jeremy Walker, Data Quality Consultant, Phusis Ltd.

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